Why do google ads give better conversion than meta ads?

Ever wondered why you get more sales from Google Ads compared to Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads)? There are two key reasons:


  1. People on Google are ready to buy. They’re actively searching for something specific, showing they already have purchase intent. Imagine someone looking up “running shoes for men”. This is a prime target for a shoe store ad!


  1. Google Ads targets based on searches, not just interests. Meta Ads targets people based on things they like or follow, which is great for brand recognition, but might not always translate to immediate sales. It’s like showing a shoe ad to someone who likes the color green, but isn’t necessarily looking for new shoes.


Don’t ditch Meta Ads though! They excel in different areas:


Meta Ads: Building Brand Awareness. Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram are fantastic for getting your brand name out there and introducing your products or services to a wide audience.

Google Ads: Capturing Ready-to-Buy Customers. Once people are familiar with your brand from Meta Ads, Google Ads can catch them at the perfect moment – when they’re actively searching online to buy.

The winning formula? Use both!  Run Meta Ads to build brand awareness and target potential customers. Then, use Google Ads to capture those ready-to-buy searches and convert them into sales. It’s like a one-two punch for your marketing strategy!

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